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This is too good not to share. We can instill values in our children by taking the time to do the simple things.... https://t.co/8S2FxPRJ1m
5:18 AM Jun 17th, 2016
5:28 AM Jun 14th, 2016
Watch Jerry Anderson being interviewed on TBN! Around 11 minutes into the program...... https://t.co/cyKGBBrSwR
1:42 PM Jun 7th, 2016
Bernie "bringin' it" in Nigeria! https://t.co/Rm9NcxY8oq
5:56 AM Jun 6th, 2016
Jerry is being interviewed on TBN Dish channel 260 tonight at 10:00 pm
6:53 PM Jun 3rd, 2016


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