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Become a Trainer

La Red is a training organization and is committed to helping people become trainers and influencers. If you have a desire to present the La Red material to companies, churches, or service organizations, you can be certified as a La Red field representative and will have the freedom to present our materials within your realm of influence. We offer four trainings per year in Berlin, Ohio where you are able to see firsthand a character driven community. The cost is minimal and the trainings fill up quickly.

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Training is offered in these exciting areas:

On Line Facilitator Training
Learn how to start and develop a Local RoundTable.

Certified La Red Field Representative
2 Day training on how to represent La Red in your state or area of Influence. See La Red in action.

Foundations for Achievement
Specifically designed for churches and faith-based organizations.

The Global Entrepreneurs Institute
Become a master! On line training and diploma is available. English speaking students only.