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February 26, 2010

What A Week

Filed under: Blog — Bernie Torrence @ 9:43 pm

We just received confirmation that we will be doing a joint project with Dr. Pat Robertson utilizing his incredible book called the Secret Kingdom.  The team of David Migliore, Gail Crites, and John Schrock have helped me create a beautiful blend of material that can be used by churches or Christian organizations that are interested in 50 weeks of training on the kingdom of God.  I really look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested in ethical leadership, or strategies that can be used for law enforcement and governmental agencies.  We are experiencing a home run.  Talk to you soon!  Bernie

February 21, 2010

Great Comments

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Thank you  for your comments on the new site. Today Jerry,Mike Poulin, and I are headed to Virginia Beach dfor  a meeting with Pat Robertson and his son Gordon. We are presenting a concept called the MILLENNIUM PROJECT. This is based on Pat’s book called the Secret Kingdom. Please pray for us. Bernie

February 19, 2010

Have You Visited Our Video Page

Filed under: Blog — Bernie Torrence @ 10:19 pm

Our video page will introduce you to  many of the people who serve at all levels of our organization.  The videos have been placed in specific folders so if you’re looking for some training on” roundtables” those videos have been kept in a special folder on our YOU TUBE channel. As always if you have any questions you can call Tanya at 330-231-8060 or visit her via e-mail tanya@lared.org.

If you have any specific training or facilitator questions send me a message and I’ll respond on the blog page.  Make a great week!  Bernie


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We are really excited to launch our new website. It is designed so that you can see many of the LaRed Team via video. You are able to hear their voices as well as understand their hearts. This new site is designed for United States and we still have most of our material available in the various languages for our faith-based clientele. Whenever you see a script “Foundations for Achievement”just click on it and you will be transferred to our new portal that will take you to the informational website known as Foundations for Achievement. I will be updating most material every week and look forward to hearing from you via this blog. Our team has designed this to be very easily navigated and await your input. Thanks Bernie

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