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Could this be the last Christian generation?

This question was asked by Josh McDowell and became the title of one of his latest works. In his study, Josh found that there was really no difference between youth in the public school system and youth who were home schooled or in a parochial school.

They still struggled with lying, cheating, disobedience and violence.

How can this be? The answers are simple. We have removed any appearance of a personal value system. That is what La Red is all about. We possess the system to reprogram a conscience so that a person can clearly see what is right and wrong. La Red teaches the value of honesty, hard work, generosity, humility and focuses on the true Foundation For Achievement.

La Red uses simple principles from the book of Proverbs and studying them on a weekly basis we were able to transform our own companies and then thousands of companies around the world.

Our message is sharing: “The Powerful Advantage of Values, and being the head and not the tail... the lender not the borrower!”

Now churches are asking...

“Can you help us present your materials in a roundtable setting right within our Sunday school or small group ministries?”

Yes! Not only can we do that but we can provide access to tools via the internet that will make many of your members a “missionary to the marketplace.” We call it La Red’s Millennium Project. Just like Jesus went into the highways and byways sharing the gospel of the kingdom, your members will be fortified by learning 10 Laws of the Secret Kingdom taught by Jesus and then each of the 10 Secrets are fortified with four dynamic principles from the book of Proverbs.

La Red will help you take your church outside the four walls!!!

We will share with you the dynamic living course that will train your people to be problem solvers and pacesetters as God shares the true foundations in a world that is shaking!

You can be part of the Millennium Project: Creating citizens for the Kingdom of God!!